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Loes van Rijsewijk

Loes van Rijsewijk


Loes van Rijsewijk (1990, Hengelo) is a Groningen-based university researcher who likes to spend excessive time listening to, searching for, playing, and dancing to music. My love for music started at young age, listening primarily to rock, metal, drum ’n bass, and dubstep. I got interested in techno from 2013 onwards, boosted by the rapidly developing scene in Groningen (e.g., Paradigm, Kopjek). I fell in love with the sound of techno after visiting a Chris Liebing gig in club Stereo, Montréal, during a traineeship in Canada. Coming home, I signed up for a DJ’ing crash course where I learned to handle CDJ’s. I won the DJ contest of the course and got to play at Subsonic (Groningen) as a reward. I started to get a hang of it, so I bought my own Traktor S4 in 2015. I heavily expanded my music library and developed my own taste in techno music: Sometimes loud, sometimes spacy, sometimes weird, sometimes a combination of all – as long as it sounds dark. I uploaded some sets recorded in the damp basement of a student arts center, and together with having the right contacts in Hengelo, this resulted in a very rewarding gig for Twidl (Innocent, Hengelo) and an invitation to join forces. Looking forward to learn and play more!




The artist

Nationality: Dutch

Resident in: Groningen